A.S.T.A. Advanced Technologies FZC

ASTA has a wide portfolio of products that are equipped with the latest innovative and superior technology. ASTA deals primarily in various sectors i.e. Jamming Solutions, Surveillance and Security systems, Intelligence Technologies, Communication Systems, Aircrafts & Vehicles spare parts, EtherWAN networking solutions, and Software Training. ASTA has been established with the sole rationale of providing latest technology, best quality products & services in all of our verticals.

Full Jamming Solutions
Surveillance/Security Solutions
Cyber and Private Data Collection Services
Intelligence Technologies
Aircrafts, Helicopters & Heavy Duty Vehicles Spare Parts
Software Training
Etherwan Networking Solutions

ASTA has a wide range of clients: Federal and Military police forces, Financial Crimes and Anti -corruption government units, Drug Enforcement, Coastal and Border units, Government and military intelligence organizations.
All our systems are designed for government agencies and low enforcement group only and require official End User Certificate from the government Import authorization.